Ukraine’s Pharmacy Chain Now Accepts Crypto Payments

Written by Johnson Philip

The Ukrainian pharmacy chain has announced that it will now accept cryptocurrency as payment through Binance Pay. Customers will be able to use this payment method for online purchases. The company, which has a large presence in Ukraine, operates numerous pharmacies throughout the country.

As of Tuesday, customers of the Ukrainian pharmacy chain ANC are able to make purchases using various cryptocurrencies. ANC claims to be the first pharmacy chain in Europe to offer this payment option. Customers can now use cryptocurrencies to purchase medicines and other items from the company.

From Jan. 3, you will be able to enjoy instant payments when purchasing pharmacy products. It will be possible to pay for orders with cryptocurrency on!

The cryptocurrency payments for the Ukrainian pharmacy chain will be handled by Binance Pay, the payment system developed by the largest digital asset exchange in the world by trading volume. This system enables users and businesses globally to send, receive, and spend over 70 different digital currencies, including bitcoin.

In order to use the new payment service, customers will need to download and install the Binance app, visit the ANC website, place an order, and use Binance Pay to pay for the items. The products can then be delivered to the customer or picked up at any of the company’s stores.

ANC operates a network of pharmacies under its own brand name, as well as several other Ukrainian chains including Blagodiya, Kopiyka, and Shar@. The company has stores in over 130 cities in Ukraine and serves over 7 million customers annually. The new cryptocurrency payment option is initially available in the capital city of Kyiv.

Over the past few years, Ukraine has become a leader in the adoption of cryptocurrency in the region. With the Russian invasion in late February, the Ukrainian government and volunteer organizations have been using cryptocurrency donations to fund defense and humanitarian efforts, which have also been supported by the cryptocurrency industry.

Binance Pay has also been adopted by other Ukrainian businesses to allow for cryptocurrency payments. In September of this year, the Ukrainian supermarket chain Varus, which has over 100 stores in the country, integrated Binance Pay to offer its customers in various cities the option to pay with cryptocurrency for their groceries.

In August, the Ukrainian tech stores Tehnoezh and Stylus began accepting cryptocurrency payments through Whitepay, a payment platform similar to Binance Pay that was developed by Whitebit, a European cryptocurrency exchange with Ukrainian origins.

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