2023 Crypto Outlook: Potential Market Turnaround Predicted by Coin Bureau Analyst

Written by Joy Rice

Guy Turner, the host of the popular crypto YouTube channel Coin Bureau, recently shared his bullish sentiment for the crypto market in an interview with crypto personality Benjamin Cowen. According to Turner, the earliest that the crypto market could start recovering from the bear market is either late in the July-to-September quarter or early in the October-to-December quarter.

However, before this recovery can take place, Turner believes that the prices of crypto assets are likely to reach new local lows, possibly before April. He stated, “I am expecting that we are going to see new lows probably in the first quarter would be my best guess. I think we’ve got that to look forward to and then probably in terms of price action, I would imagine a fair amount of trading sideways really for the rest of the year.”

Looking further ahead, Turner predicts that 2023 will be marked by slow accumulation and is unlikely to turn out to be a “spectacularly interesting year.” He advises caution, stating, “It’s certainly a year to proceed with caution. In terms of price action, I don’t think we’re going to see a spectacularly interesting year in those sorts of terms. I think it’s going to be a year, especially once those lows are in, I think it’s going to be a year for slow accumulation, for dollar cost averaging and things like that.”

Overall, while Guy is optimistic about the future of the crypto market, he advises caution and suggests waiting for the right time to enter the market.

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